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 What does the teams/ranks do?

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PostSubject: What does the teams/ranks do?   Fri Feb 12, 2010 8:25 am

Well thats easy...
Admin - Is either Clan Leader or Co-Leader. Manages and well... Do most...
Media Leader - Is the Leader of the Media Team. Manages and makes clan sprays etc.
Media Team - Is the team owned by Media Leader. Makes clan sprays etc.
Clan Member - Member of the clan. Owned by the Admins. Watch forum and well do member stuff.
Newbie - A person that signed up to website but didnt join or isnt member yet.

Clan Leader shortcut - [CL] - in forum its just CL.
Co-Leader shortcut - [CCL] - in forum its just CCL.
Media Leader shortcut - [ML] - in forum its just ML.
Media Team shortcut - [MT] - in forum its just MT.
Clan Member shortcut - Member - in forum its just Memz/Members.
Newbie shortcut - ------- - in forum its just Newbie.

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What does the teams/ranks do?
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