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 Member Introductions

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Holy Shit Poster

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PostSubject: Member Introductions   Mon Feb 01, 2010 7:42 am

As a brave player once said: A clan is'nt about it's members, but who the members are! lol, that's why im doing this, as i realized that a clan is like one big family, and i want to know our members. If we learn eachother to know we might be a better clan, and even better! better friends!
So íf you need help making it this might help:

Your real name (dont have to provide full name)
Your real age
Your favorite hobby
Your hobby's
Your country
What you do after school
Wich games you play other than CS:S

And now i can begin.

My name is Mathias, I live in a town called frederikshabor wich i translated to english. i live in the pretty cold land Denmark where i play Warhammer with Gabriel and after school im on our forum and play WAR or CS:S. My Favorite hobby is playing my beloved guitar, where my other hobby's is playing drums and being with friends Very Happy im 13 years old and im gonna be 14 in March Very Happy I made this clan cause i wanted to make atleast one clan with succes Laughing SO as you see this clan have succes. We have our own server and is awesomely popular!
EDIT!: i forgot to say that im half læsø-bo which is a Danish island where my parents where born Embarassed so im half læsø-bo and half frederikshabor-dude Laughing
If you got any questions pm me and i would love to answer :3
i hope you guys enjoyed my mem intro now its you guys turn ;D


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Location : Wales

PostSubject: ...   Mon Feb 01, 2010 7:56 am

Ok well erm my names Matthew L ( no last name its a secret Laughing ). am 15 erm 16 in may i live in wales in a place called blackwood its a nice country its lovly in the summer and even better when it rains, if u want to see what wales is like wait for it to rain its beautiful, uhh i spend alot of my time talking with compact and smurf playing css and war with compact ofc ma hobbys are actually i dont have hobbys i do what ever the hell i feel like Laughing and thats about it Laughing hope u liked ma prezzy

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Hardcore Spammer

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PostSubject: Re: Member Introductions   Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:17 am

Me is Jacob (No after name and smurf stfu dont telll anyone Evil or Very Mad ) and ehhhhhhhhhhhhh favorite hobby.. hmm ofc... be whit friends Very Happy Very Happy Smile Sad Surprised Shocked Cool Laughing Rolling Eyes Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad Razz Mad Wink Exclamation Question Idea Arrow Neutral What a Face (SPAAAM) ehh my hobby is Make things in photoshop and sony vegas Laughing I live in svea (old name for swe Very Happy ) eeh was is something more? Embarassed aah after scl i pee Very Happy and ehmm i play Team fortress2 Diablo2 Wc3 Hl2 Rise of legends DoD CoD WaW and so on Very Happy I love you
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Hardcore Spammer

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PostSubject: Hmm...   Mon Feb 01, 2010 3:58 pm

My name is Randver, I live in iceland, there have 3 polar bears came to iceland somehow, and they were all shot.. i think,, anyways, I live in the capital city, Reykjavík, and in a small part of that wich is called Gravarvogur, and a small part of Gravarvogur is called Engjahverfi, that is where i live Wink I am a 13 years old WONDERBOIH!, ill be 14 thiz zummah Razz mah hobbyz are sports, me likez running Razz and teh otha gamezzz are.. l) ! 4 13 /_ 0 - 2, (Diablo 2, if somebody is a idiot Razz) TF2, Gmod and PvZ Razz
(TF2 = Team Fortress 2)
(Gmod = Garry's Mod)
(PvZ = Plants vs. Zombies)

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PostSubject: Re: Member Introductions   Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:09 am

My name is André, I'm 14 years old(soon), I live in Sweden, In Gävle. My favourite hobbies is playing computer and basketball Basketball , And I like to play guitar to Very Happy After school i hang out with friends and stuff king . Other games then Cs:S is Modern warfare 1 and 2 on ps3, DoD:S sometimes and watching porn affraid Gotcha! lol!
Well that's all for me now cya
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New Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Member Introductions   Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:38 am

Your real name: Yvo
Your real age: 17
Your hobby's: Sleeping, gaming, sporting..
Your country: Holland
What you do after school: Not going to school.. Very Happy
Wich games you play other than CS:S: Call of Duty MW2, Runes of Magic (MMORPG, free version of WoW Wink)
Ask me if you want to know more of me Very Happy
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Qualitäts - (S)Killer
New Poster
Qualitäts - (S)Killer

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PostSubject: :)   Sat Feb 20, 2010 3:02 pm

First I want to say that i remember my password wuuuhuuuu Smile now i can be more online .
Your real name: Justus
Your real age: 15
Your favorite hobby. Football, games and friends ofc Wink
Your hobby's: Football games friends, cinema, and much more, dont know all Razz
Your country: the beautiful Germany
What you do after school: Loool want to be a dosser, no I dont know now. Its a long time, that i get finish shool
Wich games you play other than CS:S : CoD, sometimes some NFS, Fallout 3 Wink, and some more.
Questions=? send me a PM or ask here ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Member Introductions   

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Member Introductions
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